Case Study #1: Giant Panda (ME!)

The Giant Panda, my amazing species, is one of the most critically endangered animals in the world. 

We have about 1,000 left in our natural habitat. We thrive in central and south-western China, living off bamboo forests high atop mountains.  

About 140 of us live in zoos and research centers to help us make more babies.  Naturally, we only have a baby every 3-4 years, so the mamas in the zoos are really helping us build back our population. 

Our mamas in the wild may only have 5-8 cubs in a lifetime.  We grow 4-6 feet tall and normally live about 35 years.  I am 17 years old.

I decided to do my first interview with my own family. 

Daddy doesn’t seem too interested, but mama is putting up with me.  We don’t live that close to each other, so a visit with them is always nice.  I moved away about 10 years ago, to start my own life.  I haven’t had any cubs of my own, but I am not in a hurry either.  I want to travel the world and visit all of its creatures and experience life before I settle down. 

It may sound a little selfish of me, with my duty to reproduce and continue my species, but I know that others will pay more attention if an endangered panda like myself shows other endangered species that I know how they feel! 

Together we can show the world that we want to survive! 

Now back to writing my interview questions…

I’m thinking about asking daddy about his biggest fear.  It’s kind of a bold question, but I am very interested in the answer.

As for mama, I want to know what she thinks about the future of our family as a whole.  She has seen more than I  have in my 17 years, so her wisdom will be very important to hear.

I do have a couple of little brothers back home, so if I run into them, I would like to ask them what their goals in life are.  

Well, that’s it for now! 

Lots of bamboo to munch on and questions to ponder!


My List

Ms. Panda needs a plan! 

Unfortunately, there are so many species on the endangered list that it is going to be hard to visit them all!  You can view the current list at:

However, as an avid supporter of WWF (they use a panda as their logo) and the work that they do, I have decided to start with their list.

Plus, according to their website, the WWF’s “conservation efforts are directed towards flagship species, iconic animals that provide a focus for raising awareness and stimulating action and funding for broader conservation efforts in our priority places; and footprint-impacted species whose populations are primarily threatened because of unsustainable hunting, logging or fishing.”

That is exactly what I want to do!  I want to stimulate action by teaching people how to help!

Among the list,, I found…

African Elephant

African Rhinos

Asian Elephant

Amur Leopard

Asian Rhinos



Giant Panda (ME!)


Marine Turtles


Polar Bear

River Dolphins


Tree Kangaroos

Whales and Dolphins


WWF states, “Destructive human activities have led to the current rate of species extinction, which is at least 100–1,000 times higher than the expected natural rate,” which proves that I have my work cut out for me!

Which species would you like me to visit first?  I need to start writing my interview questions ASAP!  Is there anything that you would like to ask my future guests?

Gotta get going!  Lots of work to do now…

Thanks for your help!

Ms. Panda

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Hello world!

My name is Ms. Panda and I am here to teach my readers about ways to help save the world!

Please join me in my journey!